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Pays :
Typologie de lieux :
festival, compagnie, lieu d’accueil en résidence, centre de formation
Disciplines :
théâtre, danse, théâtre de rue, théâtre d’objet, théâtre pour enfants, cirque, hybride
Statut :
ONG à but non lucratif

Main accent of organization’s activities is on research of performing arts, especially circus art and its positive development in Southeast Europe. We are artistic collective that is into circus education as well as circus production, trough organization of workshops and creation of different kind of shows, performances; cite specific and interior artistic actions and all kinds of events.
Cirkorama is also a group of community active artists, which are participating in social happenings and solidarity actions, trough their circus skills and projects.
Organization’s work with individuals and groups lean on principles of active integration, supporting positive initiatives and creative approach to physical and social environment.

General information on the activities
Nb of shows/year : 10
Nb of premieres/year : 2
Nb of internationals shows hosted/year : 4
Total number of performances/year : 40
Nb of spectators (or visitors)/year : 1000
Best period(s) of the year to present international shows April/May or October /November
Nb of people hosted for a residency/year :  3
Nb of students/year : 20
Usual closing periods of the year: from 15th of July to 1st of September, and from 20th of December to 10th of January

Annual turnover 2015 (in €) : 15000
Evolution of annual turnover 2010/2015 in % : 20%

Share of public grant in global income (2010/15 average in %):  85%
Share of earned income in global income (2010/15 average in %) : 10%
Share of private donations, foundations, sponsors (2010/15 average in %) : 5%

Collaborations with France
Artists that were in Zagreb like part of Laboratory of circus arts are: Martine a La Plage, Carola Aramburu, Marie Mercadal, Arnaud Essertel, Phillipe Manceau,

French artistic contents 2015 and in the years to come…
Betty Combo circus group, Oktobre, Le Grosse B, Dare D’art Compagnie de Cirque

Activities and cooperations with France
We have project named Laboratory of circus arts-educational circus project trough which we brought many French circus artists in Zagreb, to be teachers for people of all ages, interested in learning circus skills. From this project we developed Cirkobalkana project together with Cirkusfera from Serbia and Cirk’Oblique from France. Cirk’Oblique came to Balkans with Laboratory of circus arts, and came back two more times like partners in Cirkobalkana project. We also made an international cooperation production of the circus show “Oldness” with help from Teatroskop , in which two artist from each organization played a role. Oldness was played in Belgrade, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Banja Luka.

Cirkobalkana is bringing circus tent to Balkan, every year since 2013., in Zagreb and Belgrade,  trying to create an independent circus space for education, training , creation and performing – something that doesn’t exist in Balkans. In 2015. Our partner from France was My! Laika with their Side circus project and their circus tent.

Geography of the exchanges
We developed well cooperation with Serbia, because we started from very similar ground in circus arts development in Balkans and our objectives are very close to our Serbian partner’s objectives – development of circus education and performing circus arts in Balkan from the same reason we started collaboration with Bosnia. Trough years we cooperated also with many circus artists from Spain – country with very interesting circus art movement, and Germany also. We had a nice cooperation with Italy, because it is very close and we are very influenced by Italian street performances.

European projects
Nb of applications submitted: 3
Nb of successful applications: 1
Nb of applications as a main organiser : 0
Did your applications include French partners? YES
If so, which ones (firstly among the successful ones, others if applicable) :
Circus school Turbul, from Nimes, French group My! Laika  and Le Cirk’ Oblique
Nationalities of the other partners: Serbian and Bosnian
Total of the funds received for these project(s) : …………36700……Euros

European projects (description)

Cirkobalkana Platform project  centers on the education and training of circus teachers in the Balkans.

The first Cirkobalkana Platform started in June 2015 and it ends in November 2016. It is held in cooperation with Cirkusfera, Cirkorama with the Fabrika Radosti from Banja Luka(B&H) and the Turbul circus school out of Nimes(France).

Up to April 2016, five stages of the project have been completed: a circus schooling and formal appointments workshop, dedicated to the presentation of the work of the circus school.

7 people from Croatia, 9 from Serbia and 2 from Bosnia and Herzegovina are partaking in the education. Project is supported by Balkan Arts & Culture Fund-BAC and ECF.

The cooperation with the Turbul circus school has been also realized through the Erasmus+ project. The project annually appoints a person from the region to a year-round education in Turbul, where the person participates in the entire process of training and passing the circus pedagogy exam.

So far one member of Cirkorama and a member of Cirkusfera have stayed in Turbul, and the collaboration will continue in the next academic year.

Involvement in networks

Circostrada network , very useful for the field of circus development to be in that kind of big and well connected network


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