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We are a culture state institution under the supervision of the Albanian Ministry of Culture. The National Theatre of Albania was founded in 1945. The proposal of  this institution is to promote the scenic art in Albania. Our objectives are to realise a lot of successful and qualitative theatre productions. The National Theatre of Albania introduces different shows like comedy,tragedy, drama etc.

General information on the activities
Nb of shows/year : 90- 108
Nb of premieres/year : 5-6
Nb of internationals shows hosted/year : 3-5
Total number of performances/year : 128-130
Nb of spectators (or visitors)/year : approximately 35.000
Best period(s) of the year to present international shows : October- December , Mars – May
Nb of people hosted for a residency/year : approximately 70
Nb of publications/year : The National Theatre of Albania has done publications about the shows on the official web site,official Facebook  page, in the official page of Instagram. Other publications are made by the press and the visual media.
Nb of students/year : 5.000-6.000
Usual closing periods of the year: end of May

Evolution of annual turnover 2010/2015 in % : 

1-From 2011 compared with 2012 annual turnover decreased by 15 % of income.
2-From 2012 compared with 2013 annual turnover decreased by 46 % of income.
3-From 2013 compared with 2014 annual turnover increased by 229 % of income.
4-From 2014 compared with 2015 annual turnover increased by 30 % of income.

Public grant in global income is share for operating expenses (602 account), 2011-2015 : 100 %

Share of earned income in global income (2010/15 average in %) :
2011 – 79% operating expenses and 20.6 expenses for projects.
2012- 28.2 % operating expenses and 71.8 expenses for projects.
2013- 100% operating expenses.                                                                                       <
2014- 58.2 % operating expenses and 41.8 expenses for projects.
2015- 92.6 % operating expenses and 7.4 expenses for projects.

Share of private donations, foundations, sponsors (2010/15 average in %) : 2011- sponsorship value was =1,017,400 Lekë or 20%, which are used for projects 100%
2012- sponsorship value was = 3,019,606 lekë or 71.8 %, which are used for projects 100%
2013 = We had no sponsorship (0%)
2014 - sponsorship value was = 2,170,000 or 41.8 % which are used for projects 100%
2015 - sponsorship value was = 499,444 lekë or 12.3 %, which are used for projects 100%           

Budget share allocated to creating new work (2010/15 average in %) : 0%

Number of permanent staff :
Administration/P.R./comm : 2
Technical/F.o.H/construction : 22
Artistic (ensemble, associate artistes, …) 32
Others (explain) : .The administration of The National Theatre of Albania: 11
Number of performance space(s) : 1
Audience Capacity :500.
Number of rehearsal spaces :   2


Collaborations with France

French artistic contents 2010/2015 

Texts: “Tartuffe” by Moliere  and “Toc Toc” by Laurent Baffi.

French artistic contents 2015 and in the years to come…
-Eric Vigner, a famous French director will come to collaborate with the National Theater of Albania for the season 2017, to put on stage the play de Victor Hugo « Lucrèce Borgia », a project supported by the Franc Embassy.
-The plays that  the National Theater would like to getting know in our country are: “Ondine” by Jean Giradoux and Cyrano de Bergerac etc.

Activities and cooperations with France

Since 2010, has your organisation been involved in projects within which artists, companies, texts or projects from France.
1-The Francophone Nights 2014, organised in The National Theatre of Albania and in The Experimental Theatre “Kujtim Spahivogli”
2- “The Game of Love and Chance” (Le Jeu de l’Amour et du Hasard) by Pierre Carlet de Marvaux – This text is used in the realisation of this play in the scene of The National Theatre of Albania. 

Geography of the exchanges

Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, China, Turkey , England and Israel.

We are part of a artistic organisation called NETA in Lubjana, Slovenia.  We are part of this network that includes theatres from the south-eastern Europe. With England we collaborated because we were part of the world (global) tour of Globus Theatre. With China we have collaborated because we were members of CEEC forum.

European projects
Nb of applications submitted:2 (NETA and Creative Europe).
Nb of successful applications: 1 (NETA)
Nb of applications as a main organiser : 0
Did your applications include French partners? NO 

European projects (description)
We have applied for a project to the organisation Creative Europe to collaborate with Corea Theatre. In this organisation we had to pay a fee and we didn’t have the sufficient found. For that reason we couldn’t participate in this project.

We hope to have other international European collaboration. 

Involvement in networks

We are part of  NETA – the New European Theatre Action. This is a European network, founded in 2004 in Bitola (MK). In 2011, the NETA Institute was established in Ljubljana (SI) as an official body and a representative of the NETA network. At the moment, the NETA network consists of 68 theatres and festivals from 20 countries. The President of the NETA network is Blagoja Stefanovski, the former Macedonian Minister of Culture, its Secretary General is Damir Domitrović, Director of the EX PONTO Festival, and its Honorary President is Branislav Mićunović, the Minister of Culture, Media and Sport of Montenegro.

Adresse :

Street Seremedin Said Toptani, Tirana

Tel :

+355 04 2223022

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