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The National Theatre of Opera and Ballet is the only art institution that offers, develops and promotes the art of classic music, opera and ballet in the entire country. The theatre itself has a great responsibility not only towards the creation of high quality performances and and high quality artistic productions but also in educating the public and younger generations with this kind of art.

We aim the artistic growth of the performances and therefore we have always been inviting and collaborating with albanian as well as with foreign artists from all over the world.

A very important part of the institution is the troupe of the National Folks Ensemble, that preserves, develops and promotes the albanian folklore as the most valuable treasure of our country.

General information on the activities

Nb of shows/year : 190 in 2015

Nb of premieres/year : 15 in 2015

Nb of internationals shows hosted/year : 2 in 2015

Total number of performances/year 190 in 2015

Nb of spectators (or visitors)/year :32.000-40.000

Best period(s) of the year to present international shows :From January to June

Usual closing periods of the year:  End July- August


Financial information

Annual turnover 2015 (in €) : 165.000 Eur

Evolution of annual turnover 2010/2015 in % : on the wane, -20%

Share of public grant in global income (2010/15 average in %): on the wane -20%

Share of earned income in global income (2010/15 average in %) : on the wane -10%

Budget share allocated to creating new work (2010/15 average in %) : on the wane 25%


Number of permanent staff :

Administration/P.R./comm : 21 persons

Technical/F.o.H/construction : 37 persons

Artistic (ensemble, associate artistes, …) : 185 employed artists

Number of performance space(s) : 1

Audience Capacity : 800      Stage dimensions : 12mX21m

Exhibition space : yes


Collaborations with France

In 2009 has been put on stage with the collaboration of the French embassy the ballet “General of the Dead Army” with French scenography, choreography, costumes.

In 2010 with the collaboration of the French embassy has been put on stage “The tails of Hoffman” and in 2011 the werther “Opera” with participation of French artists.


Very successful until now have revealed the collaborations with the albanian choreographer Angelin Preljocaj who gave a huge contribution for the Albanian Theatre with the productions ‘Ce que j’appele oublie”in 2012 and “La Stravaganza&Noces” in the last two years.

Ali Pengili is an albanian artist/instrumentist who lives and develops his artistic career in France, who participated with TKOBAP invitation in the concert “The Italian and French Baroque”held in Tirana in October 2014. The Albanian National Orchestra in this very important event has been conducted from the French conductor Claude Brendel.

Lionel Stoleru is a french  personality who has been inviteted during the year 2015 to conduct the symphonic concert that took place in our institution with participation of the Albanian national orchestra and Miranda Deliallisi, an albanian artist/pianist who lives and develops her artistic career in France.

Manjola Trebicka, as well an albanian artist/pianist who lives and develops her artistic career in France, gave during 2016 a concert on the Stage of TKOBAP.

Activities and cooperations with France

Since 2010, has your organisation been involved in projects within which artists, companies, texts or projects from your country have been created in cooperation with French partners? And if so, which projects and where were they presented?

As I mentioned before, our Theatre has been involved in two abovementioned artistic projects with the Angelin Preljocaj’s Company during the last 2 years.

It is also being planned from the company Preljocaj and our institution to have another collaboration in the ballet field but this time the Albanian Ballet Troupe will performe in Aix en Provence.


Geography of the exchanges

Other countries with which we have developed cooperations:

Croatia- The main achievement with this country is the “Signement of Long Term Cooperation” between our Theatre and the National Theatre of Zagreb.

To name some croation artists that have been collaborating with TKOBAP : Zorz Drausnik ( scenograph), Ljubica Wagner ( costumograph), Pavle Despalje, T.Spoilar etcc

Petrit Ceku, an albanian artist that lives and develops his career in Croatia gave a concert on this stage exactly to promote the cooperation between the two countries too.

Serbia- Dejan Savic is the name of the General Director of the National Belgrade Theatre who came with TKOBAP-invitation to conduct a symphonic concert on september 2015.

Our Ballet Troupe has been touring during  april 2016 in 3 cities of Serbia, Belgrade, Novi sad & Nis in the framework of the 13th dance international festival. The most important achievement is the « Signement of the Cooperation Protocol » between our art institutions.

Italy- We have invited artists from Italy in the timeframe of participating in diverse productions such as, conductors, directors, soloist etc.

Our Ballet Troupe has been touring 6 cities of Itali on December 2015.

Belgium- The Albanian Folks and Dances Troupe has participated in the Cultural Festival of the South-East Europe titled “Balkan Trafik” organized in Belgium.

Germany: Youri Vamos, the world-wide known choreographer, has been invited from our institution to collaborate for the “Carmina Burana Production” during 2015.

The Albanian National Ballet Troupe has been invited in the “Gala Night” to perform in the framework of the Albanian November in Germany.

Artists from Portugal, such as the choreographer Daniel Cardoso has collaborated with our theatre during 2014 and 2015 for two ballet productions.

Exchanges with Kosovo and Montenegro are frequent.


European projects

Nb of applications submitted: 1

Nb of successful applications: 0

Nb of applications as a main organiser : 0


Involvement in networks

We are thinking of joining “Opera Europa” as an international service organisation for professional opera companies and opera festivals in Europe. It is incorporated in Brussels as a not-for-profit organisation.

Adresse :

Skanderbeg Square, 1000 Tirana

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