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In Albania, the first pioneers of this art showed up during the years 1932 – ’35. In 1959 they actualized a full circus show entitled “The Magic Stick”. This important moment marks the creation of the Albanian circus, a basic and valuable part of our nation’s culture and art.
Starting from the year 2012, our circus has been known as a National Circus. It now has 38 employees.
The experienced masters and artists have been teaching ceaselessly new artists and new shows. On average, each year, four premiers are showed in Tirana and other cities. The artistic repertoire is made of 40-45 artistic numbers of all genres.
Our shows includes all the ages of public. Except shows in arena circus we are present in all the festivities organized in the city during all the year.
Part of the structure of the National Circus is the Circus Studio where new artists are taught.
The National Circus includes in its repertoire values from circus all over the world but also traditional values. These values reflect in musical illustrations, rhythm, clothes and on a broader spectrum in directorial ideas of the shows and their scenography.
The artists are mainly young in age with a great desire to develop and go on, to collaborate with everyone and everywhere it is possible, to give and gain experience in projects all over the world.

General information on the activities
Nb of shows/year : 130
Nb of premieres/year : 4
Total number of performances/year : 140
Nb of spectators (or visitors)/year : 45 000
Best period(s) of the year to present international shows : Spring, autumn
Nb of publications/year : 4
Nb of students/year : 25
Usual closing periods of the year:  July, august

Activities and cooperations with France

  1. Participation of artists Fiqiri Luli and Sabina Troshku in the  34 th Festival  Mondial  “Cirque de Demain” , January  2013.
  2. Spetialization for three month of artist Fiqiri Luli in the  “Académie Fratellini” ,  Novembre 2013-January 2014.

Geography of the exchanges
Beginning from 1990 we have developed cooperations with Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, China, Kosovo, Turkey etc.  , ? And why these countries ? The reason is simple. We are open and ready to collaborate with everybody that like our shows.

European projects
Participation in the festival Social Circus in Mesopotamia. That was an youth exchange project  organized in Mardin, Turkey between the dates 21st-29th September 2013.
In this project were 8 following countries: Finland, Belgium, Moldova, Italia, Armenia, Hungary, CzechRepublic, and Turkey.
Total of the funds received for these project(s) : 100% of food, accommodation, domestic, local and international travel expenses and logistic expenses were covered by organizer. 

Adresse :

Rruga Ded Gjon Luli Nr. 1 Tirana

Tel :

04 22 56 290/0692122658

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