ZKM / Zagrebačko kazalište mladih

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Pays :
Typologie de lieux :
lieu de production et de diffusion, compagnie, centre de formation
Disciplines :
théâtre, danse, performance, théâtre pour enfants
Statut :
organisme municipal/régional

The Zagreb Youth Theater is a modern, prestigious theater hand in hand with recent European trends in performing arts, recognized and respected outside the Croatian borders as well. Multidirectional programming guidelines, an experienced and agile ensemble, the College as the core of future professionals and theater-conscious audience, openness to projects of the non-institutional scene, and a preference for exploring and various interlacings of genre make it a special and important junction on the Croatian theater map. By networking with a number of international organizations, supporting hostings, and participating in co-productions, the ZKM Theater has established its position in the European theater space as well. In a wider cultural context, it enables the conditions for the development of various artistic practices, encourages creativity and cultural and spiritual enrichment, recognizes positive social values, and impacts their growth. 


General information on the activities

Nb of shows/year : 59/2015

Nb of premieres/year : 13/2015

Nb of internationals shows hosted/year : 4/2015

Total number of performances/year :421/2015

Nb of spectators (or visitors)/year : 51.604/2015

Best period(s) of the year to present international shows : september - december

Usual closing periods of the year:  july


Number of permanent staff : 117

Administration/P.R./comm : 17

Technical/F.o.H/construction : 53

Artistic (ensemble, associate artistes, …) : 35

Others (explain) : .12

Number of performance space(s) : 2

Space n°1

Audience Capacity : 268       Stage dimensions : 10,60x16,60x8 m

Space n°2

Audience Capacity : 104       Stage dimensions : ---

Number of rehearsal spaces : 3

Exhibition space :  1


Collaborations with France

French artistic contents 2010/2015 : Pascal Rambert – Cloture d’Amour; Jean-Claude Berutti – Les femmes de Bergman

Activities and cooperations with France artists, companies, texts or projects?

Theatre de la Colline, Theatre de Grennevilieers, Theatre de Salins, Festival Ring


Geography of the exchanges

Cooperations with : Belgium, Germany, UK, Russia, Italy, Austria, USA, Slovenia, B&H, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Polland.


Involvement in networks

International Teatre Institut

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