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Pays :
Typologie de lieux :
lieu de production et de diffusion, festival, lieu d’accueil en résidence, centre de formation
Disciplines :
théâtre, danse, théâtre musical, théâtre d’objet, théâtre pour enfants, cirque, hybride
Statut :
ONG à but non lucratif

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest is an open-minded venue unique in Hungary, and is also a cornerstone of the international contemporary arts scene, showcasing various genres – theatre, dance, new circus, music and other visual arts – in a unique and authentic manner.

The institute’s professional programme of events, presented in a post-industrial performance space, is based on a unified, yet diverse approach. Experimental and audience-friendly at the same time, and inspired by new innovations as well as cultural heritage, it provides a space for the presentation of work by both domestic Hungarian and international artists.

Trafó is a forum dedicated to social issues, and a platform for establishing values and contexts as well as generating new ideas and productions.  Its performances, concerts, exhibitions, and community and audience-building programmes, while focusing on younger generations, are accessible to members of any generation who are looking for something new.


General information on the activities

Nb of shows/year : 100

Nb of premieres/year : 54

Nb of internationals shows hosted/year : 15

Total number of performances/year :240

Nb of spectators (or visitors)/year :43 700

Best period(s) of the year to present international shows :October-April

Nb of people hosted for a residency/year : 0

Nb of publications/year : 0

Nb of students/year : 9 500

Usual closing periods of the year:  mid-June


Financial information

Annual turnover 2015 (in €) : 1 580 800

Evolution of annual turnover 2010/2015 in % : 5

Share of public grant in global income (2010/15 average in %):  16

Share of earned income in global income (2010/15 average in %) : 19

Share of private donations, foundations, sponsors (2010/15 average in %) : 0

Budget share allocated to creating new work (2010/15 average in %) : 50


Number of permanent staff :

Administration/P.R./comm : 24

Technical/F.o.H/construction : 6

Number of performance space(s) : 3

Space n°1

Audience Capacity : 299       Stage dimensions : 11x11m

Space n°2

Audience Capacity : 40         Stage dimensions : 28m2

Space n°3

Audience Capacity : 70.        Stage dimensions : 24m2

Number of rehearsal spaces : 0

Exhibition space


Collaborations with France


VIVARIUM STUDIO / Philippe Quesne: La melancolie des dragons

Philippe Decouflé / Compagnie DCA: Solo

Emanuel Gat Dance: Winter variations



Compagnie Adrien M (F): Cinématique

Fabien Prioville Dance Company (FR/GER): NOUS

Roland Auzet / Jérôme Thomas (F): Deux hommes jonglaient dans leur tête)

Eléonore Valère-Lachky (F/B): Whirling



JÉROME BEL (F): Pichet Klunchun and myself

Emanuel Gat Dance (F): Brilliant Corners

Philippe Quesne/Vivarium Studio (F): Big Bang

Compagnie Ieto (FR): Ieto


Compagnie 111 / Aurelien Bory (FR): Sans Objet



BALLET PRELJOCAJ (F): Annonciation + Helicopter

JÉROME BEL (FR) - THEATER HORA (CH): Disabled Theater


Collectif Petit Travers (FR): Pan-Pot ou Modérément Chantant

Josef Nadj & Akosh Szelevényi: Les Corbeaux



Compagnie XY (FR): Le grand C

Un loup pour l’homme (FR): Face Nord

Jérôme Bel (FR): The Show Must Go On

Cie Non Nova (FR): L’Apres-midi d’un Foehn

Cie Non Nova (FR): Vortex

Ivana Müller (HR/FR): In Common

Acrobates (FR) by Stéphane Ricordel & Olivier Meyrou



Cirque Inextremiste (FR): Extrêmités

Compagnie 111 – Aurélien Bory for Kaori Ito (FR): Plexus

Compagnie du Poivre Rose (FR/BE/CAN): Poivre Rose

Compagnie Non Nova (FR): L’Apres-midi d’un Foehn

Compagnie Non Nova (FR): Vortex

Compagnie Vu (SE/FR): Artifice

Emanuel Gat Dance (FR): Plage Romantique

Philippe Quesne/Campo (FR/BE): Next Day


French artistic contents 2015 and in the years to come…

Compagnie XY: Il n’est pas encore minuit

Blick Théatre: [hullu]

Emanuel Gat: Gold

Compagnie Ieto

Jerome Bel: Gala

Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort: GERMINAL

Compagnie Defracto: Flaque


Activities and cooperations with France

Kornél Mundruczó/Proton Theatre: Disgrace; coproducers :Theatre National de Bordeaux Aquitaine, France; Festival Automne en Normandie, Rouen, France

Kornél Mundruczó/Proton Theatre: Imitation of Life; La Rose des Vents, Lille, France; Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg / Scène européenne, France;


Geography of the exchanges

Apart from France, other countries with which the organisation has storong cultural and are :

Germany, Belgium, Austria.


European projects

Nb of applications submitted: 8 Nb of successful applications: 3

Nb of applications as a main organiser : 0

Did your applications include French partners? YES/NO

If so, which ones (firstly among the successful ones, others if applicable) :

DNA: CDC Toulouse

NOW: Extrapole, Paris

Source: Festival d’Avignon


Nationalities of the other partners: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Latvia, the Netherlands, Finland, Iceland, Spain,


Total of the funds received for these project(s) : 18 000 Euros


European projects (descriptions….)

DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS is a collaboration between 13 European institutions who are active in the field of contemporary dance. The project is initiated by PARTS, the school for contemporary dance based in Brussels, Belgium. The other partners are production houses, support organisations, theatres and festivals who support and present upcoming choreographers in a variety of contexts.

[DNA] is a project that is active from October 2014 until September 2018. It is the heir of the network Départs, which was active between 2001 and 2014.

Involvement in networks


Member of international networks : IETM

Adresse :

Liliom utca 4 1094 Budapest

Tel :

00 361 4562040

Executive director : József Nagy, francophone Mail général : Mail Jozsef Nagy :

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